Mission, activities



The Hungarian Brick Association is an organization set up in 1995 for the representation of industrial interests. It encompasses companies that manufacture brick and ceramic tiles used in housing in Hungary.
Our fundamental objective is to ensure that our members provide sufficient quantities of environment friendly building materials complying with the highest quality standards to the Hungarian construction industry, mostly for housing projects.
The activities of the Association branch into several areas with a view to improving the economic and legal conditions of production, and the quality of products. We are involved in the coordination and representation of the joint interests of the brick and tile industry:
• Development of housing projects that constitute the market of the brick and tile industry.
• PR activities to build an overall industrial image, promotion of ceramic building materials.
• Participation and taking the initiative in legislative processes affecting the industry, in the field of economic,  commercial, environmental, energy related and building regulations.
• Submission of proposals for governmental development programs, involvement in their design, implementation and control.
• In order to establish and maintain connections within the European Union and other foreign countries, the Association is actively involved in the work of European specialized industrial associations (e.g. TBE – Tiles and Bricks Europe).